Elevate the ambiance and functionality of your hospitality spaces with our specialised drapery hardware solutions. Whether you choose for motorised, manual or corded tracks, they are all designed to deliver a unique combination of smooth curtain operation, luxurious comfort and effortless usability.

By choosing our window covering systems, you ensure your guests enjoy an exceptional stay marked by comfort, elegance and convenience.

See below some examples of how our window covering systems are used.

Highlighted products for the hospitality market

Smart Curtain Motor
The Forest Shuttle® curtain motor is available in five types for every situation. Brand new: wireless battery powered curtain track motor.
Forest Motorised Track
Smooth and noiseless belt driven motorised curtain track system
FMS Dual
Forest Motorised Track Dual
Smooth and noiseless belt driven motorised curtain track system
Contract System
The Hotel Curtain Track: heavy duty hand drawn curtain rail system for medium and heavy draperies.
Corded Contract System
Heavy duty cord traverse track system, with separate internal cord channels; preventing cord sag and eliminating cord tangle.
Channel Rod System
Decorative and trendy channel rod system, available in 9 colours