Transform the healthcare environment with our specialised curtain track systems. Designed with the needs of healthcare facilities in mind, our solutions ensure patient privacy, hygiene, and ease of use.

Our easy-to-install MTS® rail system is a standout choice. It offers a sleek and functional separation system, ideal for creating private spaces within patient rooms, fitting rooms, and other specific areas. The MTS® rail can be bent, accommodating various room layouts. Plus, with its BioCote® treatment, the MTS® track provides enhanced bacterial protection, promoting a healthier environment.

For an elevated patient experience, consider our FMS Plus system. This track adds the convenience of remote control operation and integration with building automation systems. This allows for seamless adjustments, ensuring patients can manage their own privacy without needing assistance, enhancing their comfort and satisfaction.

Choose our curtain track systems to meet your healthcare facility's demands, offering both functionality and an improved patient experience.

Highlighted products for healthcare:
Medical Track System
Elegant and functional curtain track system for all kinds of medical facilities and sanitary rooms. Also as round track available.
Smart Curtain Motor
The Forest Shuttle® curtain motor is available in five types for every situation. Brand new: wireless battery powered curtain track motor.
Forest Motorised Track
Smooth and noiseless belt driven motorised curtain track system