Forest Hotel Curtain Track Solutions

Forest Group offers different drapery hardware solutions especially made for the hospitality industry.
Whether you choose for our motorised curtain tracks or rods, blinds or manual curtain tracks your hotel guest will experience ‘the Forest Factor’. Which stands for a unique combination of smooth hanging curtains, comfortable luxury and optimal ease of use.

Motorised system for perfect blackout: FMS® Dual

FMS® Dual is a unique motorised two channel curtain track system to prevent any light from entering the room. FMS® Dual achieves this by creating the perfect curtain overlap every time. Ideal for hotels where guests insist on a totally dark room. A single Shuttle curtain motor from Forest Group is sufficient to operate the curtains in the two channels. The FMS® Dual is available in 7 metres in one piece. Extending the system up to 14 metres is also possible. 

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Add style to your guestroom with the Design series

Add style to your guestroom with our Designer Track Series: DS®, DS-XL® and DS-XL® LED.

The Design curtain track System (DS®) is an elegant and aesthetically pleasing hand drawn curtain rail system for all types of medium weight draperies.

We have extended the range of elegant curtain track systems with a larger curtain track system, the DS-XL® System. A unique and elegant curtain track system that can be installed flush against the ceiling, or with pillar wall brackets. To complement the Designer Series we have developed a manual and motorised curtain track system combined with LED-Lighting; DS-XL® LED.

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Comfort on Demand: Forest Shuttle®

A solution that matches all expectations in automation and luxury. For hotels worldwide, that's what Forest Group offers with its renowned and voice controlled Shuttle® curtain operating system.

Always on top of their hospitality game, hotels owners adapt to the fact that guests prefer the same luxury in their rooms as in their own homes. Already, travellers put smart technology to good use in their homes and expect the same automation and enjoyment while staying in hotel rooms across the globe. Top choice is the motorised curtain track system: Forest Shuttle®.

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Improve hotel experience with voice controlled curtains

With the Shuttle Wi-Fi system, you can launch your curtains into the world of the Internet of Things, where you can control your curtains with your mobile device or even by voice command without the need for an additional hub or gateway. Nowadays, thanks to RFID chip technology in smartphones, more and more hotels are offering guests access to rooms via their smartphone app. Partly because of this, virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant are becoming the standard in hospitality. The Wi-Fi function enables easy integration of the motorised curtain system into these intelligent devices and fits seamlessly into the trend to improve the customer experience.

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Blackout made compact: MCS series

Rested hotel customers are satisfied customers. That's why we also provide two Multi Channel Systems; 2/3 channel track and a 2/1 channel track. These systems are the ideal solution for an overlap between curtains to create blackout in any contract situation.

The 2 glide curtain track is a compact solution for cruise ships or boutique hotels.

Special blackout feature for the 2/3 channel is the Pelmet Profile.

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Round and fluent shapes in hotel interiors with
Forest Wave System

The Forest Wave System is an additional feature of the drapery hardware systems, so the curtains maintain their smooth wave effect (S-fold) from the moment they are dressed.

This system fits in perfectly with the trend towards the luxury boutique experience in the hotel industry. But it also offers new possibilities for applications in large and high spaces, such as lobbies, entrees, reception areas, conference rooms and meeting rooms. It can be installed onto all Forest manual, corded and motorised curtain track systems.

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The Hotel Curtain Track: Contract System

With Forest curtain rails you opt for smoothly hanging curtains, comfortable luxury and optimum ease of use. Our smooth and silent sliding curtain tracks can be operated manually as well as electrically. Depending on your wishes, there is a suitable curtain track for your curtains in every price category. Most hotels use the Forest curtain tracks like the Contract System.

  • Manual curtain operated

  • For all types of medium and heavy weight draperies

  • Easy to bend

  • Ultra silent in operation

  • Smooth and easy traversing

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