Forest Shuttle: Talks with Homey

Homey is created to unify all devices in a smart home, including the Forest Shuttle. Thanks to our partnership with Homey, you can control your Shuttle from any place in the world directly via the Homey app on your smartphone. Or add Forest Shuttle to your Homey Flows, and have your curtains open and close automatically, based on time, sunset, voice, your presence, luminosity or when you turn on your tv… the possibilities are literally endless.

Works with any Shuttle
Homey connects wirelessly with Forest Shuttle. It can talk directly with both the RF / 433MHz version of Shuttle, as well as with the Z-Wave version, so there’s no dongle necessary. Next to open and close, the Z-Wave version of Shuttle even allows you to set the exact position via the Homey app and Homey Flows. Automatically close your curtains for 70% when the last person leaves home, and while all your other devices are shut off. You will also receive feedback if you operate the curtain manually. In addition to this, Homey can also make a wireless connection with our other motorised systems like, Atlantis® (roller blind) and BCS® (roman blind)


Homey connects with 50,000+ products from 1,000+ brands, and unifies them into a single app and system. Because Homey features seven wireless technologies, including RF/433MHz and Z-Wave, it can directly connect to, control and automate all Forest Shuttle systems. Next to these technologies, Homey also features Zigbee, Bluetooth, RF/868Mhz, Wi-Fi and infrared.

You can easily control and automate your home with Homey, as the app is very easy to use. Homey also integrates with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, allowing you to control your home, and your curtains, with voice if you want to.

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