Control your roman blind with an ultra-silent motor, all nicely concealed within a closed cassette headbox.

  • Motorised Roman Blind System

  • Elegantly shaped aluminium profile, with Velcro Hook Tape

  • Simple and quick installation with Smart Klick® bracket

  • Can be controlled by wall switch, remote control (high frequency) or time switch (high frequency)

  • Easy to connect to building automation systems

  • Corddrums can be placed on every position in the profile

  • Maximum fabric weight per cord roll: 4 kg and total system 13 kg *1)

  • Maximum height 5.5 meter

  • Tubular motor also available with internal Multi receiver and electronic limit setting

  • Noise level tubular motor < 44 dB(A)

  • Easy assembling and smooth operation guaranteed

  • Length: 5.80 meter

  • Profile quality: aluminium, chromated, powder coated

    *1) other motor types available on request up to 26 kg lifting weight per system is possible with a 13Nm motor

Roman Blind Series
  • Weight: 1.092 kg / mtr

  • Size: 62 x 74 mm

  • Aluminium extrusion


Domestic and/or project market, or at any location where a high quality and smooth operated motorized blind system is requested.


It is also possible to have the motorised roman blind (BCS) stop automatically if the roman blind encounters an obstacle by installing the obstruction sensor.

The Forest tubular motor with built-in receiver stops immediately if, for example, there is a plant or a smart speaker under the roman blind. This will prevent the cord rolls from becoming entangled and require a technician to come over to fix it. Especially for the roman blind systems at great heights, the optional obstruction sensor is a must!

The obstruction sensor can be used in combination with these tubular motors:
• 3416600112
• 3416600117