Troublefree, silent battery curtain motor.

Our bestselling Forest Shuttle® system is now also available in a wireless, battery powered version. The Shuttle® iOn is perfect for areas without nearby power points.

An extensive period of research, development and endurance testing on countless of track set-ups has resulted in the launch of the Forest Shuttle® iOn. The Shuttle® iOn’s motor is fitted with an internal, removable heavy duty battery pack. Depending on the track size and curtain weight, the battery only needs to be charged 2 to 3 times a year.

You can expect the same unique functionalities as that of the wired Shuttle® L, like Touch Control technology. The battery motor has an integrated Multi RF receiver, allowing for operation using any Forest remote control option.

Unique in the market
The Shuttle® iOn can be used in combination with curved tracks, which is unique in the market. It fits all Forest motorised track systems, like our most used motorised track system FMS®, motorised rod system MRS® and the motorised design track system with LED lighting, the DS®-XL LED system.


The Shuttle® iOn offers the following functions:

  • Li-ion rechargeable battery pack;

  • Touch Control Technology, gently pulling the curtain by hand will activate the motor;

  • Suitable for curtains up to 25 kg and 8 meter track (straight track)

  • Suitable for curtain tracks with up to 2 bends in, for example, bay windows.

  • A single full charge will last up to 6 months.

  • Available colours: white, black

  • Control the curtains by Diamond Sense Remote control or wall switch by integrated Radio Frequency;

  • Third-Party App control by Forest Wireless Connector;

  • Integrated Emergency Control with automatic de­clutch in case of power failure, to ensure a manual operation of the curtains;

  • Ultra Silent motor;

  • Slow start and slow stop;

  • Full automatic setting of the limits;

  • Stack-back position programmable to every desired setting;

  • Can be used with curved track;

  • Programming of intermediate positions possible;

  • Motor can be used in combination with various electric tracks like: Forest Motorised Track System (standard option), motorised rod (MRS) and design track (DS-XL LED);

  • Motor can be place upside down for recess installation;

  • The curtain track motor remains hidden behind curtain (not for sheer);

  • 10 years warranty on motor, 2 years on battery pack.

Forest Shuttle

Voltage Shuttle®


RF Multi Receiver


Power Supply

Removeable Battery,
Charger input: 100 - 240, 50-60Hz, 2.0A,
Charger output:16,8Vdc 1000mA

Max. power

30 W


1 Nm


14 – 17 cm/s

Noise Level

< 40 dB(A)

Max. curtain weight

25 kg

Dimensions Motor

7 x 5 x 32 cm

Net. weight motor

1160 gr.

Dimensions Power Supply


Protection degree


Max. running time

150 sec (in one direction)

Certification & Marking


Forest Shuttle Series

The Forest Shuttle® curtain motor is available in five types:

  • Shuttle® S
  • Shuttle® M
  • Shuttle® L (most popular curtain motor)
  • Shuttle® AC
  • Shuttle® iOn

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