Black out curtain track solutions

When a bedroom is well darkened, you sleep better. Especially if you have to sleep during the day because of work or travel. Blackout curtains are available to darken a bedroom/hotel room. But even then you will always suffer from light cracks. We offer all kinds of blackout solutions that allow you to really create a dark space. Whether that is a bedroom or a hotel room. With our blackout solutions, you or your hotel guest will always wake up rested.

Blackout made compact: MCS series

Our Multi Channel Series combine multiple curtain tracks into one single aluminium profile. Thanks to the separate channels, it offers many options for hanging curtains or sheer curtains on one track. We have various multi channel systems in our range. Depending on the wishes and the mounting space, we offer a MCS® with 3 glides (MCS® and MCS® 2/3) and we offer a compact 2 glide track (MCS® 2/1).These systems are the ideal solution for an overlap between curtains to create blackout in any contract or residential situation.

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Create a pelmet profile for blackout

A specially developed pelmet profile, aluminium extrusion, which can be placed on top of the MCS track during installation and secured in place. The perfect blackout solution if no separate pelmet or curtain box has been foreseen.

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Wake up when your curtains open automatically

With the Forest Shuttle motorised curtain track system, you can control your curtains from your bed by remote or with your mobile device or even by voice command. 

Open the curtains automatically
With a blackout curtain setting you are in a deep rest. Within the app you can also set scenes so that the curtains open automatically and you can get used to the morning light. So you always wake up rested.

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Roller Blind Systems with side guides

Roller blinds are also an ideal way to darken rooms. A cover cassette and special side profiles ensure that there are no longer any light gaps. In addition to our standard Atlantis roller blinds, we also offer a Slim line variant. The profiles vary from 35 to 60 mm. Control options: chain operated or motorised.

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Prevent light leakage with Velcro Hotel Profile

Do you recognize that? Are there darkening curtains, but then light shines on the sides along the walls and the curtains.The Velcro Hotel Profile is an ideal solution to prevent this and create a perfect blackout on the side of each curtain. The Velcro Hotel Profile is suitable for any Forest curtain rail system. The L shaped profile comes with pre-drilled holes every 50 cm, allowing for an easy fixation on the sides of the window. When the curtain hems are lined with Velcro loop tape, the curtain can be easily fixed against the profiles, eliminating light leakage.

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