Forest Lightblocker® Pelmet Profile

While showcasing a curtain track is often a design choice, we acknowledge the importance of concealment, especially for light-blocking. That’s why we now offer sophisticated, easy-to-mount pelmets. These pelmets offer the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics.

Design aspects

  • Invisible joints: the pelmets feature invisible joints for a beautifully finished room
  • Enhanced ambiance: transform your space into an enchanting haven by incorporating LED strips through specifically designed grooves in our pelmets, enhancing ambiance and charm.
  • Customisable design: they can easily be painted to seamlessly blend them with your wall colour.


  • Durable: crafted to withstand humidity, our pelmets are durable and resistant, ensuring longevity in any environment.
  • Easy installation and assembly: enjoy effortless assembly with our pelmets, which can be tailored to fit your specific needs through simple cutting and the use of universal adhesive.
  • Light blocking: combat light intrusion effectively with our lightblockers.
Add LED lighting

By looking at the image you get an idea of what the pelmet profiles look like when the LED strip is incorporated. As you can see, it creates an enchanting atmosphere.

Different sizes

The Lightblockers are available in 4 different sizes to fit your needs.

  • 100 x 40 mm 
  • 120 x 43,5 mm
  • 150 x 45 mm
  • 180 x 60 mm
Article numbers

8881000010 - LIGHTBLOCKER LB-10 100X40 MM 5 mtr
8881000012 - LIGHTBLOCKER LB-12 120X43,5 MM 4 mtr
8881000015 - LIGHTBLOCKER LB-15 150X45 MM 4 mtr
8881000018 - LIGHTBLOCKER LB-18 180X60 MM 3 mtr