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Motorized Systems

Home Automation in general:
All our systems are qualified to be compatible with any kind of Home Automation system.
Our systems are compatible with many Home Control Box systems or interfaces, which makes integrating motorized drapery systems in your home easier!
Forest group is ready for the market development in the luxury homes as well in the more on healthcare focused markets to provide all people with more comfort , energy saving and safety in their homes!

Smooth and noiseless belt driven motorized curtain track system

Motorized, elegant and trendy
Silent, smooth and motorized at the touch of your hand or by remote
Control your blinds by motor with the aluminium profile
Control your blinds by motor to create full black-out or for decorative use.
Two systems combined, smooth operated by motor

Z Wave Home Automation:


Forest is partner of the
Z-Wave alliance

Additional Forestgroup has chosen to be fully enabled with the Z Wave Home Automation system. Our motors can be used in any kind of Z Wave application and are compatible with all the devices from the Z Wave alliance partners. With this solution Forest is able to offer wireless Bi Directional communication in Home Automation applications!

Z Wave is: Affordable, robust, and easy to install home control solution
Z-Wave is a technology that allows users to create a wireless, two-way mesh network within a single family home or apartment. This network allows complete control of a large number of compatible devices throughout the home from a single remote control, wall panel, or Internet interface.

Its ability to operate as a mesh network (i.e. with no central controller) is one of Z-Waves greatest advantages. Rather than depending solely on line-of-sight communications like other technologies, Z-Wave is able to get around obstacles by routing commands through other devices in the network when required.

For example, suppose you are in an upstairs bedroom at night when you remember you left a light on in the kitchen. You press the button on the controller to turn off the light, but the signal is blocked by the refrigerator. In other systems, this situation would require you to move to a different area in the house and try again, or even turn off the light physically if the obstacle is big enough.

With a Z-Wave network, if the signal is blocked the first time the signal will notify the controller that it did not complete the connection and the network will immediately seek an alternative path. It may go to a hallway light, then the thermostat, then a dimmer switch in the dining room before ultimately reaching the kitchen. It will try as many times as is necessary, or until all possibilities are exhausted. Once the operation is complete, you receive an indication on the controller telling you the action has occurred (bi directional communication).

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