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Climat Screen by Forest

Climat Screen by Forest offers a wide range of advanced daylight filter systems that are especially designed to minimize the entry of solar-heat into a room. The unique features of the Climat Screen works bilateral. In the summer the warmth will be kept out and in the winter the warmth will stay inside.

For use in

Hotels – Offices – Houses – Yachts – Mobiles Homes


Optimum heat resistant effect;

Excellent isolating features;

Neutralize the heating effect of the sun’s radiation;

Smooth and silent in operation;

Available as a motorized or manually system;

Can be controlled by wall-switch, remote control etc. Easy to connect to building automation systems; A saving in the energy costs

Optimization of the work environment. Reduce reflection in (computer)screens;

Low-maintenance and is equal to any outdoor sun protection. Highly durable and easy to clean;

Are available in a wide range of version and colorations

Tested and European approved by TNO

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