For a neat and tidy
curtain track installation

One of the trends for interior design in 2023 is the use of recessed curtain tracks. Just like built-in spotlights, the track is completely built in the ceiling. A recessed curtain track gives a beautiful finish to your home, because the tracks are nearly invisible. Perfect for when you desire a minimalist look. 

After installing the track in the ceiling, a handy flexible plaster strip is available to ensure the track stays clean and the plasterer can finish the ceiling neatly.

Curtain tracks are often only considered when the curtains have already been ordered and the house is fully furnished. That’s a shame if you were to ask us. Much more is possible when you include curtain tracks in the initial design phase.

Recessed tracks are ideal for new-built homes or when renovating/refurbishing. Recess track solutions provide interior designers and architects more freedom in designing window decorations.

Motorised recess track

In addition to a manual recess system, it is possible to install a motorised built-in system. Therefore, it is useful to choose the type of curtain track in advance. If you want a motorised recessed curtain track, it is handy to have a power outlet near the motor.

Besides that, it is possible to hide the motor in the ceiling. This way, you ensure the smoothest possible finish and make the curtains look even better.

Wave pleat curtains

With a recessed track, you can of course use curtains with a standard pleat, but a wave pleat makes it even more unique. In both cases, the curtains hang just below the ceiling, which gives it a calm appearance. With the wave pleat you can choose the width of the pleat by means of 3 glider distances (5.4, 6 and 8 cm) and different wave depths. This allows you to compose the perfect wave pleat that best suits your interior.

More about wave pleat application

Black or white

The manually operated and motorised recessed tracks are available in the standard colours white and black. Black is a popular colour for interior design, due to the use of dark colours in interior design. You see more and more dark/black walls, black frames and black elements. Therefore, the recessed tracks are available in black and white so that it fits completely into your living style.

  • Highly efficient hand drawn recess curtain track system for all types of medium weight draperies

  • For invisible finish in the ceiling

  • Bendable; curtain track can be curved and reversed curved using a 10 cm (4”)

  • Radius or continuous curved rail possible

  • Suitable for special window decoration as circular, bay, arch and triangle window models

  • Heavy duty clickable carriers - UV protected - for smooth and easy traversing

  • Offset shape for straight hanging pleats

  • Wave pleat application possible

  • Flexible dust strip available

  • Maximum fabric weight: 8 kg per meter (6 LBS per ft.)

  • Colours available: white, black

  • Available lenght: 6 meter (19’8”)

  • Track finish: chromated powder coated with a factory applied patented dry lubricant

  • Unique warranty: 10 years

KS, Klick System
Shuttle curtain motor
  • Compact and noiseless belt driven recess motorised curtain track system

  • For invisible finish in the ceiling

  • All Shuttle® motors can be used on the FMS® System

  • Available in black and white

  • Assembly components are in similar colour available as track colours

  • Clickable off-set carriers for a straight heading of the curtain; rolling carriers and FES® Easyflex carriers also available

  • Especially designed for use in combination with Forest Wave System

  • Motor can be mounted on the left or the right of the track

  • One-way draw or center (split) draw curtains possible

  • All clickable brackets of KS system compatible

  • Available length: 7 meter

  • FMS® recess track can be curved/bended

  • Recess fixation possible by recess profile in combination with FMS® Plus track.

  • Unique warranty: 10 years