Easyflex calculation

With the tool below you will be able to easily calculate your requirements of Easyflex carriers and Easyflex tape to obtain a beautiful folding curtain.

By completing the form below you will know how many carriers are required for a certain track size, with matching heading tape, finally summarized by the curtain fullness that will be achieved.

One roll of Easyflex carriers contains 500 carriers, one roll of Easyflex heading tape is 100 metres long, there are 100 pockets per meter.

For single-draw curtains the actual track size can be entered, the outcome will give you the details for a single curtain. For center closing curtains, divide the track size by two and enter this value; this will make sure an accurate number of carriers is calculated per curtain. You will need two of these curtains to make a complete center closing curtain track.
This is the same distance between Easyflex hooks when inserted into the Easyflex heading tape.